Environmentally sensitive design is not only a requirement for many projects today, it is also a sign of responsible stewardship. At BPR, we strive to provide our clients with practical solutions, while still maintaining environmental integrity and regulatory compliance.

  • Environmental Site Delineation:
    An indicator of existing environmental conditions, as well as a versatile tool used to assess overall project feasibility and potential impacts.
  • Forest Stand Delineation, Conservation and Banking Plans:
    DNR Qualified Professionals at BPR provide our clients a full
    range of forest assessment and management skills. From existing conditions assessments and mapping, to final plan preparation and implementation, BPR addresses all of your forest management needs.
  • Wetlands Delineation:
    Field assessment and marking of wetland perimeters and associated project mapping requirements.
  • Joint Federal/State Wetland Permitting:
    Complexities handled through BPR relieve our clients from the intricacies of dealing with the often confusing and sometimes cumbersome process of obtaining necessary wetlands associated permits.
  • Floodplain Delineation and Mapping:
    • Utilized to avoid development/design conflicts and impacts.
    • FEMA floodplain verification and map amendments.

Our Areas
of Focus:

Land Surveying

Site Plan / Civil Engineering