Civil Engineering

For over 20 years, Site Plan Engineering has been a hallmark at BPR The insight achieved from the successful design, processing and implementation of a vast number of diverse Site Plans, has provided BPR with the knowledge and experience necessary to make your project vision a reality.

The ability to guide your project through the often confusing review process is achieved through our familiarity with the jurisdictional ordinances, regulations and review requirements.

The same ability also applies to the complexities associated with residential development projects. Over two decades of successfully completed projects, has provided BPR with the knowledge and ability to confidently and cooperatively process your project through the system to completion, while still maintaining the goals and vision of our clients.

Some of our most often selected Site Plan/Civil Engineering services, include:

Environmental and Stormwater Design

  • Pond design for recreation and runoff attenuation
  • Stormwater quality BMP’s
  • Stream crossings and MDE/ACE permitting
  • Culvert and storm drain facilities
  • Floodplain analysis, including LOMA and flood elevation certifications
  • Floodplain map amendment, including LOMAR and CLOMA

Infrastructure Design

  • Sanitary sewer systems
  • New road alignment and facilities
  • Existing roadway and rehabilitation and improvements
  • Feasibility studies and permit application preparation
  • Plans and specifications

Commercial, Residential and Public Site and Subdivision Design

  • Subdivision and site layouts per governmental zoning rgulations
  • Grading and earthwork analysis
  • Water and sewer service piping
  • On-site stormwater management and drainage systems
  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Feasibility studies and permit application preparation

Our Areas
of Focus:

Land Surveying

Site Plan / Civil Engineering